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Free Download Airtel presents ‘Amader Golpo’

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Free Download Airtel presents ‘Amader Golpo’

Five bosom friends are reunited after seven years where they meet together to rediscover the true meaning of their life and friendship after confronting many harsh realities of life.

This inspiring story of life and friendship, “Amader Golpo” is the fourth of the Airtel produced telefilms after “Bhalobashi Tai”, “Bhalobashi Tai, Bhalobeshe Jai” and “Arundoyer Torundal”. NTV will air the telefilm on Pahela Baishakh.
“Amader Golpo” will feature a star-studded cast that will witness the return of popular actress Ishita and musician Tahsan.

Joya Ahsan and Iresh Zaker are the other well-known faces of the telefilm. The cast shall feature Ripon Nath, Ranak, Joyraj, Sohel and Nafisa. Iftekhar Fami shall direct the film and Dhoni Chitra is the production house in charge.
The star studded musical team shall be led by Fuad who will direct the music while Tahsan, Chanchal and Torun shall be the singers.

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