> > Britney Spears Scandal in ,Australia For Her Recent Concert In Perth,Australia

Britney Spears Scandal in ,Australia For Her Recent Concert In Perth,Australia

Posted on Wednesday, January 25, 2012 | No Comments

Britney Spears go to Australia for fans have expressed dissatisfaction with the pre-recorded aspects of her recent concert in Perth,Australia. which kicked off the Australian leg of Britney Spears Circus tour. I would like to take this one moment to express my satisfaction with Britney Spears outfit here.

A Local politician, Virginia Judge, told a newspaper that concertgoers deserved more than a “Mickey Mouse performance.” His offical adds, “Let’s be clear–live means live.Virginia Judge Said her If you are spending up to 200 dollars [$182 U.S.] I think you deserve better than a film clip.”

But High ticket prices for pop stars are prompting U.S. government officials to consider whether or not tickets will be required to indicate whether or not a performer will be lip-syncing during the concert.

This Gallery Info: Britney Spears leaves the Perth Hyatt Hotel for her first concert on Britney Spears Perth,Australia tour.

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